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Best Ways to Share Website Content with Your Web Developer

When collaborating with your web developer on a new website project, efficient communication is crucial. One key aspect is providing your web developer with the necessary content in the best format to streamline the development process. This post will explore the optimal formats for sending website content, focusing on enhancing clarity and efficiency.

Best Formats for Sending Website Content

Word/Apple Pages Documents:

  • These formats are widely used and offer extensive formatting options.

  • They support easy editing, change tracking, and commenting, facilitating smooth collaboration with your web developer.

Google Docs:

  • Google Docs offers a cloud-based solution for real-time collaborative editing.

  • Features like commenting and version history make it easy to maintain clarity and accuracy during the development process.

Shared Cloud-Based Documents:

  • Using platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox allows for seamless sharing and collaboration.

  • Real-time updates and easy access help keep everyone on the same page.


  • When other methods are not feasible, email can be a straightforward way to share content.

  • Ensure the content is well-organized and clearly formatted to avoid confusion.


Choosing the right format for sending website content to your web developer is essential for efficient collaboration and a successful project. Text-based formats like Word documents, Google Docs, and shared cloud-based documents offer the best balance of clarity, flexibility, and ease of use.

Avoiding screenshots will mitigate issues related to your web developer being able to retrieve text, ultimately saving time and ensuring a smoother development process.

If you have questions about the best format for your project or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Jeffers Media. We specialize in building websites and are here to help you achieve your goals with a personalized consultation.


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